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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Non-Polar or Bi-Polar Capacitor DIY: How To Make It

I feel quite difficult to get such a good Non-Polar Capacitor such as Black Gate N or Elna Cerafine non-polar. I need that because some caps in DS-1 (Actually one of pedal which I mod) is a NP caps. The only Black Gate or Cerafine that I got is 1uF or 2.2 uF polar. To solve this problem, the seller of the BG told me that I can make a NP cap by take two 2.2uF caps in series. I ever learned about this concept in my first year Physics but I never thought about it in real condition before.

So, after take some time to assembly the new caps, I want to share what I've done

First, take the caps which you can mod.

Then, put it very close each other. Think about what capacitor that you want to get. If you want a NP cap, then you should take a + leg in series with another + leg (Picture I). If you want a Bi-Polar cap, then you should take a - leg in series with another - leg (Picture II)

Take a glue. I recommend a quick bond glue like one I used above. It will simplify & fastening your work

Use only a TINY amount of glue.

Wait for a while (Around 1 minute to ensure that the glue is strong enough) & then your caps already become a ONE cap (physically).

Take a pliers & make the leg in inner side face-to-face like in the picture below. This will make your

Take a solder & start to solder the inner leg.The result. Don't forget to cut the leg.

Take a heat shrink. This ensure your cap won't make a short circuit

Cut the heat shrink as you need.

Put it in the cap. Please pay attention to space. Don't make the heat shrink cover all of joint.

Take a lighter & start to burn the heat shrink. Don't do it over, just a little to make the heat shrink melted & glued to joint.

The result. Your cap is ready to used


  1. So this way you made a non polarity capacitor?
    This one can be used everywhere? Am I right?
    Thanks for nice pictured tutorial

  2. Pascal you are a real Pascal, the genius one!

  3. But, one important thing you missed here! The caps you choose should have the twice the rating of the capacitors you couple in series, e.g., if you want to have 2.2uF then you should use 4.4uF.

    And, plus, to avoid the reverse charging, use two diodes cathode-to-cathode (head-to-head) and connect each of these in parallel with the caps.

    | | |
    | |
    | |

  4. @sulely
    Yes, by making the capacitors in series, it will make the capacitance of the same valued combined capacitors reduced to half of it's original value. This is much more like the resistors in paralel.

    I don't know about yours reverse changing. But thanks for the advice !! I will learn more about it

    By the comments of Mr.Sulely, there's should be some reverse changing. I still don't know what kind of effect it is.
    But, theoretically there's should be no problem with Polarity. This modification will stand in any direction.